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Please be aware that our building is not wheelchair accessible.

Any individual, patient, or caregiver with a disability, who needs assistance accessing our building can use the intercom located at the front entry to contact our front desk. Upon request, and when feasible and safe, our staff will provide physical assistance (carrying, holding an arm, etc.) to individuals requiring assistance.

Patients or caregivers needing assistance may also request that service be provided through video conferencing if appropriate. Such conferencing can be accomplished through applications such as Apple Facetime or other similar video conferencing applications as agreed upon.

Our providers can offer services outside of our building. This access can be outside, in a vehicle, or in any place on the office grounds as mutually agreed upon collectively beforehand.

Should you have any questions, require special assistance, or need to make alternative arrangements for patient care, please call our main office number (703) 532-4446 (press option 1).  Messages can also be sent via your Keona account.  No account, no problem, click here to set one up