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Please discuss with the receptionist what kind of appointment you will need so that the proper amount of time can be allotted to you. Please be prompt and let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you must cancel your appointment.  A charge may be incurred for appointments not cancelled.

New patients need to register prior to making an appointment. To register, please click here for new patient form or call our office Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

So that we may best accommodate our patients, we ask that you please call us at least six weeks before your child needs to be seen for School, Sports and Camp physicals. June, July and August are our busiest months for physicals. The earlier you can call to schedule these appointments, the better the selection of times you will have to choose from. Please also check all forms to confirm the date last physical is required. Patient’s last physical may satisfy requirements and a new physical may not be necessary. Verify and understand your coverage as some insurance companies may not cover a second physical within the same year.

Minimal Visit: a short visit not requiring a physician.

Sick Visit: to diagnose and treat a suddenly occurring illness.

Follow-up, Recheck Visit: during or after an illness to make sure the child is progressing as he or she should.

Well Visit: periodically scheduled during the first two years of life and annually after age 2. During these visits, developmental milestones will be discussed.  An examination of the child will be performed and the necessary immunizations will be given :: more details on immunization and well visit schedule.

Conference Visit: when a physical or behavioral issue requires prolonged time.

Prenatal Visit: Prenatal Visit: The first Wednesday of each month, one of our eight pediatricians will lead a virtual group session. During this session, our pediatrician will familiarize you with our practice, our standard of care, and will answer your questions.  Please call our front desk to schedule.

Travel Advice

Illness is not uncommon while traveling overseas so preparation can be an effective method of prevention. If possible, it is best to schedule a pre-travel consultation one month before departure. Our travel advice visits are tailored to your trip’s itinerary and includes proper immunizations as well as advice against insect bites and repellants, traveler’s diarrhea prevention and treatment, tuberculosis risk assessment, preventative measures for ear and sinus infections, motion sickness prevention and treatment as well as medications for jet lag.

In addition to routine immunizations like the flu, meningitis, Hepatitis A and B vaccines, we offer the pneumonia vaccine, typhoid vaccine and prescription medications to prevent malaria. Due to the national shortages of the yellow fever vaccine, we are currently not offering this vaccine at our office. More details on Travel Advice here.