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Our patients are our top priority.  So that we may dedicate our time to providing each child with the best care possible, we expect that all parties involved communicate regarding all aspects of their child’s healthcare.

  • Unless legally restricted, we cannot deny access to either parent regarding patient care or information.
  • Due to the volume of calls we receive daily; we are not able to contact any other parent or legal guardian when appointments are made or cancelled.
  • We will depend upon the adult present with the child in the office to convey any information to all parents or legal guardians in need of that information.
  • If we are contacted by another parent or legal guardian after the visit, we will certainly make every attempt to contact that parent or legal guardian and answer their questions unless we are prohibited from doing so by court order. Given that such communication may take almost as much time as the original appointment, it may increase the charge for the appointment or may incur a separate, additional charge that may not be covered by insurance.
  • Any request for office notes, test results, immunizations or other records should be sent via your Keona Account.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding these expectations.