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Types of Visits

Please discuss with the receptionist what kind of appointment you will need so that the proper amount of time can be allotted to your child. We kindly ask that you be prompt and let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you must cancel your appointment. A charge may be incurred for appointments not cancelled.

New patients need to register prior to making an appointment.


Periodically scheduled on a healthy child during the first two years of life and annually after age two. Developmental milestones and other issues will be discussed, and a detailed examination of the child will be performed. Immunizations may be given.

Please note that if an abnormality is encountered or a pre-existing problem is addressed during a Well-visit, a separate office code may be needed as two services were performed. Your insurance company may apply a co-pay, co-insurance or deductible to this portion of the visit.

If a school/camp form is needed and brought to a well-visit, it will be completed at no charge.

Refills for prescriptions should also be requested at this visit.

Sick visit

To diagnose and treat a suddenly occurring illness.


During or after an illness to make sure the child is progressing as they should.

Walk in Visit

For acute medical conditions of less than 24 hours duration only.

Lab Appointment

Appointment scheduled for lab work only.

Nurse visit / Shot Appointment

A short visit not requiring a provider.

Conference Visit

When a physical or behavioral issue requires prolonged discussion.

Virtual Visit or Telemedicine

A virtual visit is a real time visit with your provider that is done via a video call using, a HIPAA compliant website.  Tele-Health is a real visit by phone with your provider.

Travel Advice

Pre-travel consultation scheduled one month before departure.