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Virtual Visits and Telemedicine

Mother and son with laptop

Northern Virginia Pediatric Associates is offering virtual visits for certain medical conditions.  Due to current regulations, telemedicine can only be offered to patients that reside in the state where the provider holds a license.   As of July 1, Virtual Visits can only be scheduled for patients residing in Virginia.

A virtual visit is a real time visit with your provider that is done via a video call using, a HIPAA compliant website.  Tele-Health is a real visit by phone with your provider.  The visits will be billed to your insurance as we normally do, using the same fee schedule.  If a prescription is needed, it will be electronically sent to the pharmacy we have for you in our records.

Insurance companies are updating their policies regarding reimbursement for Virtual Visits and Telemedicine.  You may be partially or, fully responsible, for Virtual Visits / Telemedicine costs.   We strongly advise that you call your insurance company to verify coverage as the situation is constantly changing.  By scheduling a Virtual Visit / Telemedicine call, you acknowledge you understand your coverage and agree to be responsible for fees not covered under your insurance policy. 

**Please submit a signed TeleHealth Consent Form

Virtual visits are are available for;

ADHD evaluation or medication changes
Behavioral Concerns
Constipation or Digestive Issues
Feeding Concerns
Mental Health Concerns
Mood Disorders
Pink Eye

We regret that virtual visits cannot be performed for routine well or certain types of sick visits.

Virtual visits are scheduled by our nurses.  Please send a request for a virtual visit through your Keona Account.  No account?  Please click here to set one up quickly and easily.

Make sure you have Google Chrome  or Firefox downloaded on your desktop or laptop.  You may either click your provider’s link, or copy and paste the link below, five minutes before the appointment time.  Enter your child’s full name and wait till your provider goes online.  Please use the link ONLY if you have a virtual visit appointment scheduled.

Bassam Atiyeh, M.D.

Diane Halpin, M.D.

Ely Mouchahoir, M.D.

Lisa Kelly, M.D.

Christine Baldrate, M.D.

Susan Henrikson, M.D.

Cat Bae, M.D.:

Hannah Woodley, PA-C:

Elizabeth Nelson, CFNP:

If you have any questions, please email us via our secure email system “Keona Health”

For instructions on how to set up an account: